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2019 Glory 1 Parts List

PLEASE NOTE: We only list here the most common parts, but we do stock and can source most other parts too.
Please contact us with details of your frame number / bike model.

Giant G4 Mini Carbon 32T- 36T Chain Guide, 1259-MRPG4C...
Giant Glory, Frame Bumper/Cable Guide (pair), 1275-BUM...
Giant Glory Derailleur Hanger, 1280GS024512D8, 1280GS0...
Giant Rock Arm, Glory 1, 1280GS024701K9
Giant Glory 1 2019, Lower Linkage, 1280GS024703G4
Giant 2015 Glory Advanced Rock Arm Bolt Kit, 1280GS024...
Giant 2017 Glory Lower Linkage Bolt Kit, 1280GS024706C3
Giant 2015 Glory Advanced Shock Bolt Kit, 1280GS024707...
Giant 2015 Glory Advanced, Rear Frame Pivot bolt kit, ...
Giant Glory 27.5 OverDrive Headset, 1310-NO57AA-502
Giant Front Hub, Glory 1 (2019), 1510-DHL190-901
Giant Glory Rear 12mm Axle, 1529-GTA12A-02
Giant Seat Clamp, 34.9mm, 172-2G3PH991-0
Giant Down Tube Protector - Trance/Glory Advanced, 3G9...
Giant Seat Stay Protector, 3G9-5001-1
Giant Glory Chainstay Protector, 3G9-6006-1
Giant 2019 Glory1 replacement chainstay, 90R19G90263A3