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2020 Ease-E+ 2 RB GTS Parts List

PLEASE NOTE: We only list here the most common parts, but we do stock and can source most other parts too.
Please contact us with details of your frame number / bike model.

Giant Driver Cover Set, 527-EB14DC-02V
Giant Current wire L=1050mm 2x 2mm
Giant Signal Wire
Giant Cable Wrapping, 163-WRAP60-0E
Giant LED Ride Control Panel 28
Giant Derailleur Hanger, 1620MDROP-01V
Giant Ease E+ Front Wheel Bearing, 241MBEARING-02V
Giant VP MH319A Headset, 1310-1103-05V
Giant Motor Clutch from Twist Lite Single with SyncDri...
Giant Driver Cover Set, 527-EB14DC-02V
Giant Seat Clamp 35mm, 1723-CLM5B-02V
Giant Connect Aluminium Seatpost, 150000039/150000040