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2021 AnyTour E+ 1 GTS Parts List

PLEASE NOTE: We only list here the most common parts, but we do stock and can source most other parts too.
Please contact us with details of your frame number / bike model.

Giant Chainring SP03, 1220-SP03-01V
Giant Fathom E+3 (2020) Crank Arms (Arm length 170mm) ...
Giant Fathom E+3 (2020) Crank Arms (Arm length 165mm) ...
Giant Headset, 1310-VPJ208-03
Giant Main Line Display to Motor Cable, 147L-HCRCTM-15
Giant Smart Charger Cable Charger to Battery/5 Pin/100...
Giant On Board Charge/Discharge Cable to Charger inclu...
Giant Front Hub, 1510-M26FXX-01
Giant Front SLR Disc 42MM, 151C-BEARIN-904
Giant M26 Front End Cap, 151R-LEFTCA-01
Giant M26 Front End Cap, 151R-R29FL0-02
Giant Rear Hub M21-R, 10S, 32H, QR, 6-Bolt Disc (incl....
Giant Freehub Body for Hub M21-R, 152C-ACCKIT-908
Giant Rear Hub Axle Service KIT for M21-R 135mm, 152C-...
Giant Derailleur Hanger, 1620-ANYXBS-01
Giant Integrated Seat Clamp, 1722-G8SC03-801
Giant AnyTour Rear Light, 173-BL50RX-01
Giant Lock with 2 Keys, 1842M21DTA2V
Giant  Bolt Locknut for Square Spline drive Spider, 21...
Giant Quick E Bolt/Nut/washer for Installation of Driv...
Giant RideControl Ergo 2,  245MFLRMCT-02V
Giant Speed Sensor for Yamaha Drive Unit L=700mm w/Bol...
Giant Battery cover, 527-GTSDTX-02
Giant Motor Protection Cover, 527-GTSMOL-03
Giant Motor Protection Cover, 527-GTSMOR-01
Giant Seat Clamp Cover for MY19+ Daily Tour, 527-SPSHI...
Giant Rubber Dustcap for Charging Socket, 52719EB0011A8