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2021 Ease-E+ 0 LDS Parts List

PLEASE NOTE: We only list here the most common parts, but we do stock and can source most other parts too.
Please contact us with details of your frame number / bike model.

Giant Headset, 1310-MH319A-01
Giant Cable Wrapping, 163-WRAP60-0E
Giant Suspension Seatpost 1721-SP509A-702
Giant Rear Light SOLO LED 6V DC W/0 safe stop, 50mm, 1...
Giant Lock for Carrier EnergyPak Lock w/2x Key blue co...
Giant RideControl Evo Control Buttons,  2417MFBTNXX-01
Giant Bracket for RideControl Evo (G-System) on Flat H...
Giant RideControl EVO-Pro G-system, 245MFLCD28-56V
Giant RideControl Evo Controller Mount for Flat Handle...
Giant Driver Cover Set, 527-EB14DC-01V
Giant Dustcap of Charging socket for Carrier battery, ...