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2023 Trance X Advanced E+ LTD Parts List

PLEASE NOTE: We only list here the most common parts, but we do stock and can source most other parts too.
Please contact us with details of your frame number / bike model.

Giant Rear Derailleur Hanger, 1159-UNIDRHG-001
Giant Praxis Spider BCD:104, 1224-PRAXIS-0001
Giant 2023 Trance X Advanced E+ LTD Rock Arm, 1280GMB0...
Giant Rock Arm Bolt Kit, 1280GMB00002A1
Giant 2023 Trance X Advanced E+ LTD D-Link, 1280GMB000...
Giant D-Link Bolt Kit, 1280GMB00004A1
Giant Shock Bolt Kit, 1280GMB00005A1
Giant Headet No57, 1310-NO57-0003
Giant Headset Spacer OD 34mm x ID 28.7mm, 1319-0001665...
Giant Headset Spacer OD 34mm x ID 28.7mm, 1319-0001665...
Giant Headset Spacer OD 34mm x ID 28.7mm, 1319-0001665...
Giant Angle Spacer 40mm/-3 degree, 1319-IBAS4M-0001
Giant Angle Spacer 40mm/+3 degree, 1319-IBAS4P-0001
Giant Angle Spacer 50mm/-3 degree, 1319-IBAS5M-0001
Giant Angle Spacer 50mm/+3 degree, 1319-IBAS5P-0001
Giant Cone Spacer, 1319-IBCNSP-0001
Giant Height Adjust Spacer, 1319-IBHASP-0001
Giant Mid Spacer, 1319-IBMDSP-0001
Giant Top Cover for GPS Mount, 131C-IBGPSC-0001
Giant GPS Mount, 131C-IBGPSM-0001
Giant Top Cover, 131C-IBTPCV-0001
Giant Cap for seat & top tube, TCR/Defy Advanced Di2, ...
Giant Downtube Cable Plug, 1471-DTCBPG-001
Giant Downtube Cable Plug, 1471-DTCBPG-002
Giant CCN089EB Internal Cable Port, 1472-CCN089-801
Giant Internal Cable Port cover (two hole), 1472-PLUGI...
Giant DT Plug, 1476-DTPLUG-0002
Giant DT Plug, 1476-DTPLUG-0003
Giant Kplug Rubber, 1476-KPLUG-0001
Giant Linkage Plug, 1476-LKPLUG-0001
Giant Range Extender Frame Grommet, 1476-REPLUG-0001
Giant Display to Motor 790mm, 147L-HCRCTM-05
Giant Main Line Display to Motor Cable, 147L-HCRCTM-19
Giant Discharge Cable DownTube Battery to Motor (new p...
Giant GSystem On Board Charge Cable Discharge Cable to...
Giant Magnet for Ridecontrol Go, 1669-730408-01
Giant Speed Sensor Magnet for 6 Bolt Rotor, 1679-JHSSM...
Giant Speed Sensor Magnet for Centre Lock Rotor, 1679-...
Giant Anthem Advanced, Seat Clamp, 34mm, 1722-GANTHE-02
Giant Cable Protector, 1830-LKCVR-0001
Giant Lock with 2 Keys, 1842-AKLW-0001
Giant Bolt for PRO2 Motor M8X1.25X26, 2110-SC0084-001
Giant Cable Plug for Yamaha Pro2 Motor, 2437-859C41-01
Giant 2022 Trance X Advanced E+ Battery Cover Front Ru...
Giant Protector, 3G9-2T00005
Giant Speed Sensor Integrated, 4430-FSJISS-02
Giant Charge Port Cover, 527-HDC000-33
Giant Cable Cover, 527-RTCC-0001
Giant 2023 Trance X Advanced E+ LTD Battery cover, 527...
Giant Motor Cover Bottom, Left and Right, 52722G90065A1
Giant Battery Cover, 52722G90066A1
Giant 2023 Trance X Advanced E+ LTD replacement chains...
Giant Cable Tidy Clip 'Handcuff' - Each, 527MCM143-01V